Expert Guidance Throughout
the College Admissions Process

Guidance Counselor For College Admission Process

Barbara Cooper

Cooper College Quest (CCQ), founded by Barbara Cooper, MA, MS, PD, EdD. guides high school students, transfer students, international applicants, and adults through the challenging college admissions process by providing college admissions counseling services to help them cope up with the pressure and stresses of entering college. This is beneficial for new and returning college students to be prepared before entering the school premises.

A recognized leader in the field of counseling and guidance, Dr. Cooper has over 3 decades of experience as a college admissions counselor, university instructor, high school assistant principal, and high school English teacher. Dr. Cooper helps applicants assess and communicate their personal and academic strengths with college counseling services to ensure acceptance at “best fit” colleges. Her extensive knowledge about current trends in college admissions helps students gain entry to a wide range of colleges from Ivy League universities to local colleges.

Cooper College Quest helps upcoming college students review their high school transcript, standardized tests, extracurricular activities, personal essays, and internships to search for the college that suits them.

Barbara Cooper provides students with customized one–on-one college counseling sessions which address all issues related to college admissions, including:

Self assessment:
Identifying academic and personal strengths

Time Management:
Developing a strategic time management plan to optimize time and avoid last minute crises

Identifying the ideal college:
Making sound decisions about college choices, including "dream" schools, "target" schools, and the early decision dilemma

Presentation of self:
Effectively communicating goals, strengths and interests during the admissions process

Applying helpful tips and techniques to write creative and unique essays

Campus visits:
Guidance on arranging and maximizing college visits

College interviews:
Integrating tried and true strategies for successful college interviews

College Applications:
Creating winning applications and successful outcomes

The Road To College Presents Unique Challenges…
Cooper College Quest Helps You Navigate The College Admissions Process!

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